What is Your Authentic Destiny?

Hands Holding PotentialI believe we all have a destiny, a reason why we came to this planet. A reason that no one else can fulfill but us. But how do we find this reason, this destiny? What if we don’t even believe in it? What if we’re already on another path that we think is our destiny, but it doesn’t feel right? What if we think it’s too late to live our destiny?

Fear can keep us from our destiny. Fear can slow us down. Fear can misdirect us. When we live in fear, we are further away from love and our true self, our authentic self. Fear is our enemy. If we can overcome fear, we open ourselves to love and infinite possibility.

I am asking you to take a journey of love and faith. Even if you don’t do it with me at your side, just commit to doing it, being it. When you choose to take the journey of love, you choose life, you choose to own your life, your pathway, your destiny. It is your birthright to live this way. Close your eyes and know it, feel it, own it. Open your heart to love, starting with a deep love for yourself, wherever you are at right now in this lifetime. Be true to this love and follow the inner calling of your heart, even if it’s just one tiny step toward it. Come on now, you know what it is. Now go get it. I’ve got your back.

Cynthia Clark is an Intuitive Life Coach and Hand Analyst Expert. She guides people in finding and living their authentic destiny.

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