Make A New Agreement with Money

MoneyDo you have a poverty relationship with money? Do you feel like you are going to lose what you do have? Do you feel like there’s never enough money for you to create the life that you really want and deep down know that you deserve?

It could be that you have made an agreement around money that isn’t serving you. This agreement could have been made when you were a child, it could have been from a past life, it could also have been ancestral where your entire family line decided to take this agreement.

The good news is that you can change this agreement at any time. How? By making a new agreement with money.Here is a letter that you can write to make a new agreement with your money. I recommend posting it on your bathroom mirror where you can read it for a period of time until you really feel it in your body. Also, I recommend placing it in your wallet so that it may be right next to your cash or credit cards.

Dear Money,

I am writing to you today to make a new agreement with you. You are now allowed to multiply in my life with ease and grace. I release any fear surrounding you and fear of losing you. I know that you are growing in my life to support me in my divine mission. I am now allowed to love you and for you to love me too. Thank you for choosing to support me in ways that bring me more joy and fulfillment in my life. I release any and all past trauma, past ancestral restrictions and past limitations around you now. I lovingly accept you into my life so that I may fulfill my authentic destiny. Money abundance shall not ruin me or destroy my true and pure nature nor shall it interfere with my divine connection. I claim and declare that you, money, shall enhance my life so that I may be in full alignment with my purpose and free of the burden of worry and anxiety that is created in your lack. Thank you, it is done.

CynthiaClarkCynthia Clark is a Life Consultant whose passion is for you to reach your full potential and authentic destiny. This includes financial abundance. She can be reached at for private sessions.

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