Cynthia’s hand analysis was really revealing and affirming for me. I learned more about my nature and why I’m drawn to certain things. It was affirming to understand why I was drawn to my healing business.  –Claire O’Leary

Cynthia has been my “practitioner” for almost a year now. I love her pure joy and access to wisdom that has transformed my life. I have had 2 hand analysis sessions done 6 months apart, it was amazing how “right” on my readings were, insights and affirmations. I have also had Reconnection Therapy with Cynthia. I highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who wants clarity, support or just wants to affirm where they are at in their life, their relationships and especially relationship to self. — Ardis Hoffman

Cynthia’s hand analysis was amazing! I never knew how much information my hands held for me. After having my hands looked at I changed a couple habits in my life. I feel more at home in my life and more confident in myself. She is so full of life and just being her bubbly smiling self, she helped jump start a change in my life. I highly recommend having your hands looked at by Cynthia. You’ll be fascinated and leave feeling full of life! Amazing!